Friday, March 1, 2013

Sea World

We had another great day with the Giroux family at Sea World.  Jake and Matt had no fear of the splash zone.  Bur being a bit chilly we did buy some ponchos.

Lauren and Jake feeding the stingrays.

We ended our day at this famous eatery.  Who new a fast food burger could be that good. YUM!

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  1. Robin- You headed down to our State during a COLD snap (but you all seemed to embrace it and now have lots of memory photos). We were in Orlando yesterday (Sat) not sure if you were still there then, for David's State Drill meet at UCF. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO windy and cold for us here in FL and the littles were not as smiley as your kiddos, LOL. We just love sea world and are looking forward to taking Adi and Lukas there. The picture of Lauren in her beautiful bright dress in front of the fish should be submitted to a photo contest, it is eye catching cute:) Safe travels home, hope you missed that latest snowstorm! Michelle