Friday, October 5, 2012

And So It Happened

I came upstairs the other night and found this on my bedside table.  It took a little bit for me to register what it was and who it belonged to.  And so it has happened...Lauren has cut her own hair.

Lauren had been saying that that she wanted big hair (her word for long hair).  I was excited to let her hair grow out.  Last spring she had gone in for a hair cut and I had requested a bob.  She walked out with hair MUCH shorter than I had asked for.  Her hair cut was adorable...but short.  I had been letting it grow all summer and it was just at that spot where it was about to be long.  And then she cut it.  About 2 inches off of the side.  It kind of looked like she was growing out bangs.  I think we were lucky.  She could have cut it at her forehead.

 Brought Lauren to the hair dresser who said she could angle it or do a blunt cut and let it all grow out.  I opted for the blunt cut.  Not a great picture of her hair ( see below) but she does look cute.  We have hid all the scissors and will be growing it out again.  Should take about 4 months to grow it back to where it was.

 Lauren loves her some shoes.  Here she is in my boots.  She actually walks really well in them.  Not sure how.

A Boat Load of Kids

Love this picture of my kids and most of the cousins this past summer.  We were going for the photo op after a fun day of crabbing.  We got all the kiddos in the boat and realized that between us all we have a boatload of kids.