Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas with a lego twist

The boys are sharing a room and it is scheduled for it's makeover next week. We call their room the pink palace. Why you say do the boys have the pink palace and the house princess does not. Well the room is quite large and accommodates all 3 boys while we have Uncle Jay staying with us. The room had pink walls and pink carpet. We took up the carpet so we could take advantage of the hard wood floors underneath. I have been holding off on any kind of decorating until the painter comes through and de-pinks the room and paints all the woodwork white. Normally I would be more than mad if someone put stickers on the wall never mind stickers of Leg0 st@rwars action figures. This is what I found above Jake's bed.

It is kind of cool. Luckily it peels of easy:)

We continue to get settled into our new home. Unfortunately our house has not sold yet. We had lots of activity. It is a really nice house and has come in 2nd place twice:( However, in October the market just tanked. We are now renting our house to a nice family in town that is between houses. We are thankful to have someone staying at the house through the winter and happy to help another family caught in a move.